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Come and join us for ‘offline dating’ where you have real meetings and conversations with real people, face to face - the good old fashioned way!

Victims of our own success!

Now we have our super new website up and running, we need more people to join us, both as members and Area Managers.

We currently have more members than we have ever had and we are growing, but we still need more because we keep successfully matching people with their ‘someone special'.

We also need more Area Managers so that we can grow further and offer our services in even more locations. I currently have a small team of ladies and gentlemen who are excellent at what they do and I would like to find more Area Managers just like them. They are currently managing additional areas attached to their locations because they just love our business and what we do... but they need help. So if you see an area on the website that you would be interested in running and it appears to be taken - it may not be.

We have moved!

Just Introductions Head office has now moved - please note our new address is 177 Woodlands Avenue, Poole, Dorset BH15 4EH. Telephone number: 01202 676843.

The Area Manager role

This is a real job working with real people and having a positive effect on their lives. We visit our clients in their own homes, so you will need a car. We check their ID and take their photograph and we put on events for our clients to go to.

There will be paperwork so you will need to be organised and thorough and take pride in what you produce. You will need computer skills to produce your work. We listen to our clients so you will need to be caring, empathetic and able to act on what needs to be done, efficiently and confidentially. You will have your own exclusive area so it will be your own business and you will be self employed so you will need to be self motivated and driven. Your own business will cost you nothing. You will have full training and you will have on-going mentoring, help and support.

If you are part-time this will fit in with you to start with or you can throw yourself in fulltime (I did and I have never looked back). It is a very pleasant and rewarding way to earn a living.

Contact me via our contact page with a little about yourself please.

Many thanks, Diana