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Taking that first step can be daunting so it’s reassuring to hear from those that have - and there’s no greater recommendation than that of personal experience! Here’s a selection of testimonials...


“We met 6yrs ago and we are very happy. We are not interested in engagements or marriage, we are just very happy as we are. And we still pop along to the meetings now and again to catch up with everyone.!”


“Avon Beach , one of our favourite places. We have been together since November 2019 and are still going strong. We enjoy the events and the people are lovely, we have made some really good friends”.


“Why didn’t I join earlier - how many times have I now asked myself this! All those wasted years and missed opportunities. This is such a great way to meet some really nice guys and start enjoying life again. Don’t won’t regret it!”

“If you are lonely and you need good company - it’s the place to join.” Derek.

“If you are lonely and you need good company - it’s the place to join.” Derek.

“It’s so nice to meet up with groups of people, to chat to somebody - go on a walk - and to realise you have some things in common.” Sally.

“I go to as many meetings as I can... I think it’’s important to go to meet people; just remember... friends are just strangers you are yet to meet.” Gloria.

“I would say - don’t think too long. Don’t hesitate - if you are looking for a relationship - just go for it.” Doug & Muriel

“The people I have met have been very nice people - and they have made me feel wanted and welcome.” Philip.

“There are coffee mornings, in garden centres and cafes - so you get to see new places and meet new people at each one.” Hazel.